Oscar’s Fund helps Sassafras

Sassafras was hit by a car over a year ago.  The owners rushed her to the veterinarian and were told to watch the leg for infection and wait to see if the leg would ever regain any usefulness.  The owners were diligent in caring for her leg, but the wound remained open and would easily get infected. Unfortunately, the owner’s financial situation had changed and they did not have the estimated $1,000 to perform the amputation.  Janene came to us for help.  We arranged for Sass to be examined by a local veterinarian and perform the amputation.  Sassafras came home to a very grateful 6 year old girl. Her owners report that she is back to her normal self and that she gets around just fine on 3 legs.  Thanks to Dr Marley’s for performing the surgery and all the wonderful people who donate to the Oscar Fund so we can help people and their pets!!

A Happy Ending for Oscar

Oscar, the sweet Jack Russell Terrier that was hit in the head with a blunt object and left for dead in a trash bag in January, has found his forever home.  His new owner, Paul, met Oscar at our April Adopt A Pet at Tractor Supply.  After screening his application and references, we brought Oscar to Paul’s for a home visit.  It was instantly clear that this was a match made in heaven.  Subsequent follow-ups indicate the pair has bonded strongly and Paul reports that Oscar is very happy in his new home.  From the garbage can to a home of his own, it doesn’t get any better than that!!!


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