Due to the urgent need of social distancing, effective immediately, the following procedures have been put in place for everyone’s safety:

  • Non-emergent surgeries and elective appointments have been canceled until further notice. If you have an appointment already scheduled, we will call you to reschedule. Due to the uncertainty of the duration of the quarantines, we are not scheduling elective surgeries at this time.
  • The SNYP veterinary clinic will remain open for illness and sick appointments. If your animal is ill or injured, please call the clinic at 814-676-8581 and speak to staff. Our hours of operation will be: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 8 AM until 6 PM. We are closed Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.
  • Should any of our employees become ill, we will close the facility to allow employees to focus on being well.
  • Upon arrival for an appointment, please do NOT come into the facility, instead:
    1. Call the clinic and a staff member will come out to get your pet, discuss your pet’s condition and get a number for you to be reached.
    2. The vet will examine your pet, recommend a treatment plan, and contact you by phone as needed for authorization.
    3. After treatment, your pet will be brought out to your car along with a copy of charges so you can pay your bill.
  • Prescriptions will be filled – call the clinic at 814-676-8581 and tell us what you need. Prescriptions can be mailed to you, called into a pharmacy, or picked up.
  • Please consider if your need is urgent. If it is not, we ask that you exercise discretion, stay home and be well.

Thank you for your understanding and your support. We are all in this together!