Oscar Fund

Precious Paws created the Oscar Fund to help sick, injured, or abused animals that might otherwise be euthanized due to lace of funds. Oscar, our Jack Russell Terrier, who was deliberately injured by a blunt object and left in a trash bag to die, was treated and eventually adopted to a wonderful home. We named this fund in his honor for his will to live and the tremendous inspiration he gave us all with his gentle disposition in spite of the abuse he suffered at human hands.

The Oscar Fund is designed to help pet owners and veterinarians faced with difficult choices when a pet requires unexpected, expensive care that the owner cannot afford. Oscar’s Fund helps pet owners who find themselves facing the painful choice of having to euthanize, compromise on care, or give up a pet because they are unable to afford unexpected expenses such as emergency medical care. We also use our fund to assist unowned animals who are injured and need treatment but have no known owner to help help.

Precious Paws and SNYP do not believe that an animal should lose its life simply for lack of money for medical care. For many of these animals, the Oscar Fund offers the only chance they have at finding a new home. We think they are worth it… but obviously we can only save as many of them as we can afford. The animals in these photos are animals we have assisted with the Oscar Fund and most remain in their homes because of it. Please consider a donation to the fund today…their lives depend on it.

For assistance from the Oscar Fund, please download the application at this link.

Please download our Oscar Fund brochure if you would like more information or would like to donate.

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