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March 19 – 23rd Week of Giving

To All of Our Amazing Supporters:

You understand the important work we do at Precious Paws Animal Rescue, through our low cost Spay Neuter Your Pet (SNYP) program, the Oscar Fund and our adoption programs. And because you have a relationship with our organization and have been a supporter, we need your influence to help us reach an important goal.

On March 19th-23rd we will be participating in the Week of Giving, which is a collective philanthropy effort across the rural areas of Clarion, Forest, Punxsutawney and Venango counties.

Please follow along with us as we raise awareness for this important initiative, and raise awareness for our mission and needs. We have a goal of raising $5,000 during this week. We need your help to get us there.

Here’s what you can do:
1. Follow our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. Comment on our posts and share our posts on your social channels.

2. Use your influence in person, via email or social media to encourage your network to consider a donation to our organization during this week. Let them know that you support us and why.

3. Make a donation to our organization during the Week of Giving on March 19-23 at Your donation will be prorated through Bridge Builders Community Foundations match fund. If we are successful in meeting our goal we might also win additional cash and prize packages beneficial to our mission for the most individual donations and the largest grand total raised.

Let’s give together, so we can win together.

Theresa Weldon, President
Precious Paws Animal Rescue

Help SNYP Continue to Help Animals

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Clients – we come to you asking for help today as we find ourselves in need of some assistance. The generous owner of our building we lease for SNYP has decided she will be semi-retiring in a few months. Because she is also a volunteer and supporter of Precious Paws, she has offered us the building at a very fair price, but it is still a price we cannot afford without help from the community. Because we only offer clinics one day per week, and we keep our costs down as low as we can, we cannot qualify for a mortgage for the full building asking price. We are trying to raise $85,000 for Precious Paws to purchase the building SNYP is located in. Continue reading Help SNYP Continue to Help Animals

Oscar’s Fund helps Sassafras

Sassafras was hit by a car over a year ago.  The owners rushed her to the veterinarian and were told to watch the leg for infection and wait to see if the leg would ever regain any usefulness.  The owners were diligent in caring for her leg, but the wound remained open and would easily get infected. Unfortunately, the owner’s financial situation had changed and they did not have the estimated $1,000 to perform the amputation.  Janene came to us for help.  We arranged for Sass to be examined by a local veterinarian and perform the amputation.  Sassafras came home to a very grateful 6 year old girl. Her owners report that she is back to her normal self and that she gets around just fine on 3 legs.  Thanks to Dr Marley’s for performing the surgery and all the wonderful people who donate to the Oscar Fund so we can help people and their pets!!


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