When you think of a humane society, you may think of a shelter where dogs and cats are housed until they are adopted. However, many rescue groups, including HSFM, do not have a shelter and instead operate using a foster program. Foster families take dogs and cats into their homes and care for them until a forever home is found, and they are one of our most critical volunteer needs. During their stay in foster homes, we learn about their personalities, habits, and quirks so that we are able to tell potential adopters a lot about them, as well as match them to the best home possible for both the animal and the adopter.

Because we can only save as many animals as we have foster homes for, our fosters homes are the heart of our program! We provide as much support as possible to our foster homes, including behavioral guidance from local trainers, support from other fosters, donated food and supplies when available, and we will provide a crate if requested.

Animals are admitted to the program by our Foster Coordinators, who place them in available and appropriate foster homes. If a foster animal is not working out in a foster home, the Foster Coordinators work to find a more suitable place for him/her. PPAR provides for all medical care and foster home typically provide food for their foster animals.

At PPAR, we offer several options for fostering:

  • Kittens and Nursing Moms
  • Bottle Babies
  • Puppies and Dogs

We hold new volunteer orientations every month to introduce you to the different opportunities available. They are usually held on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

If you are interested in fostering, download and complete the foster application linked below. This application can be filled in with Adobe Acrobat or Reader if you want to type in your responses and return via email.

Foster Application

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